Scheduling a Medical Appointment
This service enables customers to schedule anew or / follow up appointment with a doctor at any of the primary healthcare centers and referral  appointments from PHC to   hospitals of the Ministry of Health and Prevention, as well as to manage, reschedule or cancel appointments.
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Patients of all nationalities and all age groups
  1. EHS website: Shefaa Portal
  2. EHS Call Center: 8008877
  3. EHS primary healthcare centers 
  4. EHS hospitals

Further information is available in this link

Via Online Services:

  1. Sign into e-services, create a username and password, login to the e-service via the Shefaa Portal
  2. Check the list of available appointments at the health facility concerned
  3. Schedule an appropriate appointment
  4. Manage the appointment by modifying or canceling it
  5. The appointment will be confirmed via email or SMS message

Via Other Channels:

  1. The available appointments are reviewed by the assisting employee
  2. The opinion and consent of the patient is taken on the most suitable appointment
  3. The appointment will be confirmed via email or SMS message

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